Working for future generations

Iisalmen Sahat

Iisalmen Sahat Oy is private owned sawmill, founded 1922. Sawmill is located in Peltosalmi, Iisalmi. Our sawn goods production was 2021 200 000 m3.

2/3 of our production is whitewood, 1/3 redwood. Our raw material come 100% from Finland, mainly from North-Savo and Kainuu areas.

PEFC certificate 107936-2011-AE-FIN-FINAS.
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Iisalmen Sahat Oy.  
Sahatie 6, 74510 IISALMI.
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Please contact sales for Mr. Marko Ullgren.

Tel: +358 40 707 3780 


Working for future generations

Our roots go back a century in Iisalmi, and we are proud of them. We have an innate relationship with nature. We live surrounded by forests and rely on forest resources to run our business. That is why we can appreciate the uniqueness of our environment and realise the possibilities of northern wood for developing a more sustainable future. 

We live with forests, which is why we want to take particularly good care of them. This means assuming responsibility for the well-being of the environment and biodiversity in our whole value chain: the sourcing of raw materials, the production of sawn timber and the deliveries to our customers.

To replace competing materials such as steel, plastic and concrete with wood from North Savo.

In our harsh Finnish environment, trees grow slowly and produce timber that has earned a solid reputation around the world. As the construction industry takes increasingly active steps  to reduce its carbon footprint, our uniquely strong raw material becomes even more valuable, since it is sourced from sustainably managed forests.

The Built Environment has a key role in the climate crisis, and the solution grows in our forests. By utilizing slowly grown strong wood wisely and over a long period of time, we can decrease the use of non-renewable resources even in demanding sites. This endeavour is demonstrated tangibly by the sawn timber that we produce. The bulk of the trees that we process will serve  current and future generations as load bearing building structures.

Setting our sights on the next century
We have been here for a century and aim to stay around for another and the next ones as well.

We are…
Working for future generations