A wide selection of certified, precision cut sawn timber

We use only 100 % Finnish spruce and pine harvested from the vicinity of our sawmill. Whether intended for building or any other purpose, this ensures the durability and reliability of our products.

Our efficient production process ensures the high quality of our sawn timber. At the same time, the process creates side products such as wood chips, sawdust, and bark. They are sold further and used for heat energy and raw material for pulp. Utilizing the entire tree as efficiently as possible is an essential element in our responsible operations.

Sawn timber products

  Pine   Spruce

19 mm

19 x 100 mm  

22 mm

22 x 100 mm 

22 x 125 mm 

22 x 150 mm 

22 x 175 mm 

25 mm

25 x 100 mm  

25 x 125 mm  

25 x 150 mm  

36 mm

36 x 100 mm 

36 x 125 mm 

36 x 150 mm 

36 x 175 mm 

38 mm

38 x 150 mm 

38 x 200 mm  

44 mm

44 x 150 mm 

44 x 200 mm 

47 mm

47 x 150 mm 

47 x 200 mm  

50 mm

50 x 150 mm 

50 x 175 mm  

50 x 200 mm  

63 mm

63 x 200 mm  

75 mm

75 x 150 mm 

75 x 175 mm 

75 x 200 mm 

Sahatavaraa pinottuna


SF = Sawfalling including US+V
SF+VI = Sawfalling including US+V+VI
VI = Sixth grade
HVS = Halvrena
PL/VL = Schaalboard, export quality
PL/KL = Schaalboard, domestic quality
VI/KL = Sixth grade, domestic quality

The length of central sections is typically 5,1 – 6,0 meters.

Fulfilling the most demanding sawn timber needs

We constantly develop our product selection to stay in the forefront of the industry and to establish long-lasting partnerships. This also enables us to nimbly respond to the evolving market and customer needs. While our basic sawn timber is sorted according to the Nordic sorting standards, we also provide tailored products for the most specific needs.

All our sawn timber is responsibly produced, high quality and 100 % Finnish origin.


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Sales manager
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